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You CAN take it with you


April 18, 2013 by Rider Newsletter Staff

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You can take it with you, just be sure you have the right stuff


It’s not always possible to ride your motorcycle to an event or on a trip. Obviously, if you’re an off-road rider or racer, you can’t simply jump on the bike with your gear and support people and head off. Even if you ride a cruiser, there are times when you need to bring your motorcycle, rather than ride it. If you’re vacationing, for example, you may be traveling with non-riding family members or friends. It may also be necessary to take your motorcycle in for service when it is not possible (or safe) to ride it. A motorcycle trailer is a sound investment. Giving you a safe and reliable method for carrying your bike when needed.

There are a lot of choices here. For example, if you have a pick-up truck of sufficient size and capacity, you can use ramps (or rely on several extremely strong friends) to load your bike into the bed. You must then be sure your precious cargo is secure. Very secure. You will, of course, pretty much sacrifice your entire truck bed this way, so it’s hard to take much more stuff along.

A motorcycle carrier trailer is usually a better choice. You can safely bring the bike along without losing storage space in your vehicle. Also, a quality trailer will be designed to make loading and unloading the bike easy and will include everything you need to keep your investment firmly in place as you travel. All that’s needed is a trailer hitch.

Poorly-Built-Motorcycle-Carrier-300x225Don’t let this be you

When choosing a trailer to haul your motorcycle, look for a model that is well designed and constructed. This means one that will be tough enough to provide worry-free travel without adding too much weight, and better yet one that will reduce fuel economy. There are several companies out there that provide capable motorcycle trailers, including The USA Trailer Store which I have purchased from in the past. The USA Trailer Store offers a couple of trailers that we think fit the bill, depending on your needs.

If you are hauling a single bike, you should check out the Ace (which I’ve had for more than 3 years). This is a high quality and easy to use trailer. It provides everything you need and nothing you don’t. The single rail design includes a ramp for easy loading. When you’re not using it, you can actually fold The One  into an incredibly small unit for storage. It comes with built-in casters so you can roll it wherever you need.

If you need to haul more than one bike (you lucky dog!), you should look at the Trinity which is a three (3) rail motorcycle trailer. This more substantial trailer can accommodate three dirt/sport bikes or two cruisers. Just like The One, however, the Trinity also folds for easy storage. You’ll find everything you need for quick and easy loading and tie-down, including chocks and a ramp.

This is just to name a few. Of course there are a lot of companies who provide great motorcycle carriers which you can find from doing a general Google search for “motorcycle trailers”. Well that’s all we have for this time around. Check back with us soon as we gear up to cover essential tips, products, and events for the Spring and Summer months.



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