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June 30, 2012 by Rider Newsletter Staff

Interesting and odd bits and pieces

There’s always a lot going on in the world of motorcycling. Some of the news is interesting, some is touching and some is simply odd. Here are a few recent happenings that caught our attention and seemed worth bringing to yours.

Lady Godiva…without the long hair and on a motorcycle

In sunny Romania recently, a couple was stopped while riding a motorcycle along a public highway. The reason? The passenger was, well, naked. As in totally nude. As in wearing only her birthday suit. The offense? She was not, as Romanian law requires, wearing a government approved helmet. After issuing a warning citation and ensuring the young lady donned the proper headgear, the traffic officer let the couple go about their business…whatever that might have been. You can see a more comprehensive story in the Mirror of London. *Warning! story contains “censored” photos.

Speaking of women in motorcycling…

On July 26-29, Carson City, Nevada will host the 2012 American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) International Women & Motorcycling Conference, billed as the premier event for women who love to ride. In addition to group rides, the event will feature motorcycle demos, product showcases and a lot more. A range of speakers and seminars will cover issues related to women riders and provide real-world advice on how to get the most from the riding experience.

Much more information is available on the AMA Web site.

Tsunami Harley set for museum

This story will amaze you and touch your heart, or no story will. In April, a 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Night Train motorcycle was found on a beach in Haida Gwaii on the west coast of British Columbia Canada by a local resident. The bike, which had a Japanese license plate, had been lost in the tsunami a year ago. It made the yearlong trip across the ocean in a container lined with Styrofoam.

Using the license plate, the bike was traced to its owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, aged 29. At first, Harley-Davidson offered to restore the machine and return it to the owner. But Mr. Yokoyama, who lost his home and three family members in the tragedy, said he would rather see the bike remain in its current state and serve as a memorial to those who died in the tsunami. Harley-Davidson has agreed to place the bike in their museum in Milwaukee. Harley-Davidson has invited Mr. Yokoyama to visit the museum at their expense to see the memorial exhibit in its final form and he has accepted. No word on when the motorcycle will go on display.

A comprehensive story with photos can be found on the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s Web site.

New motorcycle brand to be unique and expensive

It looks like the new American motorcycle brand will become a reality after all. Alabama based Motus displayed their first two models at Daytona Bike Week and is in the process of announcing a dealer network. The MST and MST-R models both feature the company’s unique baby-block V-4 engine and are described as sports bikes that are also suited for distance riding and touring. These innovative machines come at premium prices. Suggested retail for the MST starts at $30, 995, while the MST-R, which raises horsepower from 165 to 185 and adds many weight saving upgrades, is based at $36,995. Production is currently underway and America’s newest motorcycles should be ready for purchase this fall. Judging by the pricing, you’d better start saving now. Details can be found on the Motus Web site.


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