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New Model Time is Upon Us


August 20, 2012 by Rider Newsletter Staff

Some new motorcycles are out, others are coming soon

‘Tis the season, my friends. That wonderful time of year when manufacturers do their best to capture additional market share and spark our imaginations with the newest motorcycle hardware. We spent some time nosing around the Web and found some interesting news. Harley-Davidson will not be announcing their 2013 lineup until their gala event at the HD Museum on August 30. As you might expect however, some details have come to light. In fact, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released the entire 2013 model list among a group of official documents recently. Oops.

It appears that H-D is adding a couple of new models to the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) line. These include a Softail, called the Breakout and a CVO version of the Road King. The only other new model we know about for certain is the Street Bob NGP. Very few details are available, but don’t worry, you’ll be hearing plenty more very soon.

Since 2013 marks Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary, we can expect a raft of special editions. The CARB documents include no less than nine such models touching every part of the Harley-Davidson product line.

Victory is adding to its line for 2013. The latest addition is the Victory Boardwalk. The new model is a cruiser, in that it provides a comfortable riding position, low seat height and wide handlebars. The Boardwalk is clearly designed for long, leisurely rides. The new two-piece seat includes a removable passenger area and the extra wide floorboards add comfort for your feet.

The Boardwalk joins the Victory Judge, which was released in early 2012 as a 2013 model. Together, they represent the first new additions to Victory’s cruiser line in several years. The rest of the Victory lineup will be familiar, but some new designs are in the works. The Ness boys (not Eliot, but Arlen, Corey and Zach) provide customized touring machines, as they did in 2011. has an overview here.

Triumph is introducing a true touring machine for 2013. The Trophy offers advanced technology and creature comforts not typically found on the British manufacturer’s bikes. Features such as traction control, shaft drive and adjustable windshield and seat place this motorcycle squarely in the touring classification as do the 12 volt power outlet, LCD info screen and Bluetooth-ready audio system. There’s even a USB input. Triumph is clearly trying to keep the UK on their winning ways following the 2012 Olympics. Whether the Trophy will win the gold remains to be seen.

The new motorcycle model season is barely underway, so stay tuned for more news from your favorite manufacturers. Honda, for example, has yet to announce new models in most of the street machine categories and even Harley-Davidson could have more tricks up its sleeve. Oh, and don’t forget Motus. The Birmingham, Alabama based manufacturer is expected to have its new high-end bikes available this fall. Maybe we should all plan a couple of days to hit the local dealers and take a ride on a few of these new machines. That kind of fun can be hard on the budget, though.

Ultimate Motorcycling has some 2013 new model info here.

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