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Making your own biking adventure videos


July 9, 2012 by Rider Newsletter Staff

Making your own biking adventure videos is easy with the right software.

In a recent article, we talked about all the cool, new ways to capture video of your biking adventures. Once you’ve shot hours and hours of video, you’ll want to do some editing to capture all the best action and limit the length of your show to something your friends can endure enjoy. Once you have your “raw footage” together, what’s the best editing software for you?

The answer depends largely on two factors: What kind of hardware you have and how fancy you want to get. For most of us mere mortals, high quality video editing does not have to be expensive or complicated. Let’s take a look at some popular choices.

For the Mac/iPad

If you are a Macintosh user, you have a high-quality editing application on your computer already. It’s called iMovie and chances are it has all the features you’ll need. In true Apple style, iMovie does most of the work for you. When you open iMovie, it will import every video on your machine and organize them as “events.” Editing becomes a simple matter of dragging and dropping clips into a project area and arranging them as you wish. You can also drag and drop special transitions, still photos and titles.

iMovie lets you edit clips, move them around and add music from iTunes or GarageBand. Overall, you’ll find the software as easily as working with type in a word processor. Once you’re done, you can send the finished product to Facebook, iTunes, YouTube and other social networking sites. If iMovie doesn’t have the features you need (which is unlikely), Apple offers Final Cut Pro. This full-featured video editing application provides more precise control, more available file formats and more. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $300, so be sure you really need it before you buy.

Recently, Apple introduced a version of iMovie for the iPad. The interface is specifically designed for use with a touch screen and the new iPad display makes your movies look great. There are other choices for the Mac, including Avid and Premier, both of which are professional level products with the associated high price and complicated user interfaces.

For Windows

Not to be outdone, Microsoft now offers a free video editing application for Windows computers. The current version will not run on Windows XP. It’s called Windows Live Movie Maker and it’s part of the Windows Live Essentials family of applications that can be downloaded free from the Microsoft Web site. The application family also includes photo editing, messaging and virus protection. This group of products is a must for Windows users, even if you’re not editing video.

Like iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker automatically arranges your videos into an organized library. Then, you can view and edit them using a drag-and-drop interface. Titles and transitions are simple to add. One unique element of this software is its ability to take a series of stills and/or clips and create a movie for you automatically. Then, you can go back and personalize it, adding music, themes and more. Movie Maker also makes it a snap to share your videos online, through Facebook, YouTube and many other sites. You can also use Microsoft’s SkyDrive to save movies (and other files) in the cloud.

Obviously, there are many, many other video editing packages available on either Mac or PC. The key benefits of these are that they are free and they were developed by the company who makes the operating system on which they run.

Now. Go spend the rest of the summer gathering fabulous memories on video. Then, get some software and spend the winter making great videos and sharing them with the world.


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