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Making a sound investment


October 23, 2013 by Rider Newsletter Staff


Fairing-mounted audio is a great way to add music to your ride

Fairings are one of the most popular motorcycle accessories. They provide protection from the elements and can keep you from getting blasted by a stone or large insect. In cool weather, they keep the wind away which can make riding much more comfortable.

A fairing is also the ideal location for an audio system. You can position the main control unit directly in front of you and install speakers at your left and right. When you combine a fairing with a quality windshield, you create an area of still air where you can remain comfortable and your music will sound terrific.

As with most motorcycle accessories, there are a ton of choices and a wide range of features and, of course, prices. At the top of the hill are complete fairing systems with high-end audio included. These are costly. Depending on brand and the quality of the audio components, you can spend $1,500 – $4,000 for a complete unit. These will be similar to the kind of audio setup you might get when you order a new motorcycle. Given that price, you might feel like you’re paying for another bike.

If you’re looking for a more economical solution, there are less expensive ways to add a high quality sound system to your bike. If you buy and install an aftermarket fairing designed for the purpose, you can easily mount an audio system. Fairings are available with pre-cut holes to fit most popular audio systems and speakers. We sell fairings at this page, and there are many other choices available.

Buying a quality fairing and adding your choice of audio components can lower the cost to below $1,000. Keep in mind, however, there are many brands and types to from which to choose. This is where Google can be your friend. Your favorite dealer is also a great place to review and choose audio components.

No matter what type of system you decide to install, it is critical to be sure you buy components that are either marine or motorcycle specific. Speakers should be waterproof. While you can install automotive audio equipment in a fairing, it may become damaged by weather or vibrations. It is simply not worth the risk. Also, be sure you understand the electrical connections that are required. Quality components should have easy-to-follow instructions. If you are unsure, however, get help from someone with expertise.

Fairing audio systems can be as basic as a set of speakers with an amplifier and inputs for a smartphone, iPod or other mp3 player. You can also opt for a head unit that includes the amplifier plus AM/FM radio, satellite radio and more. Keep in mind that quality motorcycle audio will probably cost more than the stereo in your car. As you can imagine, they will take a lot more abuse and they must be designed and manufactured to deal with it.

Spend some time researching audio systems to find the best choice for you and your budget. Then, take your time with the installation. You’ll be glad you did. There’s nothing like hitting the highway or riding some serious curves with your favorite tunes playing all around you. Once you’ve got audio onboard, you’ll never want to ride without it again.

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