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Interview with Troy Shockley about his ace motorcycle trailer


February 24, 2014 by Rider Newsletter Staff

In preparing for this issue of “The Rider Newsletter”, I visited a few online forums looking for reviews and chatter to see what folks have been talking about. There was a lot of discussion about trailers. So, I reached out to the trailer experts. Today, we’re talking with Troy Shockley of The USA Trailer Store.

Rider Newsletter: Let me start by congratulating you on your “Top Rated Seller” status on eBay! Wow, seven years and more than 7000 feedback scores.

Troy Shockley: And 12 years in business.

RN: Wow. Those are quite the accomplishments.

TS: Thank you. Each one is very important to us, especially the feedback score.

RN: So, my understanding of these feedback scores is that they are mini reviews of the products. Is that correct?

TS: I’d say they are reviews of the transaction as well as the product.

RN: You can find feedback and reviews of product on other websites and forums. How are the ones on eBay any different? And are they really that important?

TS: Yes, they are definitely important. Unlike other sites where anyone can post a review, eBay only allows actual buyers to provide feedback on completed transactions. You can trust that the comments within the feedback are about actual transactions between a buyer and The USA Trailer Store.

RN: But do people really care about review?

TS: In this social media driven world in which we live, we are constantly being asked to “LIKE” this or that and take a survey about one thing or another. All for the purposes of creating reviews. People will shop, eat, and travel based on reviews. So yes, I’d say people do care about them.

RN: You guys sell a wide range of trailers including one motorcycle trailer in particular that caught my eye. I don’t know if it’s because I played with the transformer toys as a kid or because I don’t have a lot of storage space at home, but I really dig the ACE Single Motorcycle Trailer. I understand you made some changes to it recently?

TS: Yeah, that’s a product that we debuted five years ago. We have more than 500 of these trailers on the road, but we just thought that it was time for a change. So, for better appearance and a better ride, we now provide aluminum wheels.

RN: How much did you increase the price?

TS: We didn’t. It’s just one of the many benefits of doing business with us.

RN: I guess I shouldn’t ask about a press discount then.

TS: No.

RN: So, other than aluminum wheels, how does your single motorcycle trailer differ from others on the market?

TS: First of all, ACE Single Motorcycle Trailer has a maximum load capacity of 1000lb. Theirs is only 700.

Second, the competitor puts a torsion axle on their trailer. Torsion axles are great, but because of the design of this trailer, that type of axle decreases the distance between the ground and the bottom of the trailer. We didn’t want Ace to “bottom out” on bumps or scrape when pulling in or out of driveways with any elevation, so we designed ours without one.

Thirdly, ACE is much more compact than the other folding trailers out there. When folded, it takes up approximately 33% less space than the competitors’. Also, our single motorcycle trailer is equipped with 4 swivel casters which rotate 360 degrees. This allows the consumer to easily maneuver ACE into confined spaces. The competitors’ don’t have casters. In order to move their trailer into a tight storage space, once it’s folded, you must swing it out and reposition it. You have to do that over and over until you work it into the desired position. I’m sure you’ve seen an 18-wheeler try to back into a tight space. It’s like that.

RN: I have, and it doesn’t look like fun. So, what’s the next big thing from The USA Trailer Store? Another trailer? Something innovative? Something that we will receive great reviews, I’m sure.

TS: It’s a camping trailer. It is certainly innovative, and we’re expecting fantastic reviews.

RN: And it’s called?

TS: I can’t give you that. You’ll have to wait until it becomes available late this spring.



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