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Holiday Motorcycle Gift List


November 26, 2012 by Rider Newsletter Staff

You CAN always get what you want.  (If you try sometimes….)

Once again the holidays are upon us and, along with them comes the time honored tradition of giving and receiving gifts. If you are a motorcycle rider – and, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are – you may find it useful to drop a few gift-related hints here and there. Now, there’s no reason to be shy about this. Remember, you are actually doing the gift giver a favor by providing valuable information on your current needs and desires. You are saving them time and reducing the chance that they might give you a gift you really don’t like. You certainly don’t mind if family and friends point you in the right direction, why should they mind if you do them the same favor?

The following guide is designed to help you help them. It certainly couldn’t hurt to print the guide, provide some important information and perhaps highlight a few items of interest. And, it would not be unreasonable for the printout to be found lying around the house as if carelessly tossed aside. This method may seem rather obvious and your intentions will be clear immediately, but who cares? If it gets the point across, it’s all good. Needless to say, eliminating the first few paragraphs from the printout might not be a bad idea. Ok. Here we go…

(Insert page break here.)

A Helpful Guide to Buying a Gift or Gifts for _______________________________________

(Presented as a public service by the USA Trailer Store.)

Basic information:

Brand, year, model and description of motorcycle:

Current maintenance and/or parts needed:

Favorite local source of parts and services:

Name and contact information of riding buddy for questions on specific items:

Checklist of potential gift items:

Reading Material
Magazines – paper digital _____________________
Books – How-to/maintenance Where to ride Novels Specific title(s) _______________

Clothing and accessories with the _______________ logo and/or clever biking-related phrases.
Quality leather goods _____________________________
Gloves _________________________________________
Sunglasses ______________________________________
Boots __________________________________________
Accessories _____________________________________
Other __________________________________________

GPS ____________________________________
Camera _________________________________
Helmet or bike mounted video ______________
Smart phone apps (specify IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7/8 or other) _______________________
iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other “i” stuff ___________________________________________
Other ________________________________________________

Fun Stuff
Radio controlled motorcycle/vehicle ____________________________________
Scale model motorcycle(s) _____________________________________
Biking video games (include type of gaming system) ________________________________
Harley-Davidson branded toy/game __________________________________________
Motorcycle room décor ____________________________________________________

Tools (can never have too many) __________________________________________
Protective Motorcycle cover (and/or prepaid off-season storage) ___________________________
Backpack/bag/saddlebags/tie-downs/containers for stuff __________________________________
Portable air compressor _________________________________
Battery tender _________________________________________
Tent/camping gear ____________________________________
Pull-behind motorcycle trailer _____________________________________
Motorcycle Transportation ___________________________________

Gift ideas from Harley-Davidson

Top 10 motorcycle-related gifts from “Places to Ride”

Squidoo gift guide for motorcycle riders


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