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Fall Out!!


September 4, 2012 by Rider Newsletter Staff

Things are cool, so let’s have an adventure.

The hottest of the hot weather is soon to be behind us and the fall colors are just ahead. For the adventurous among us – and even a few normal folks – the comfortable riding conditions and beautiful surroundings mean one thing: camping. Motorcycles and camping just seem to go together. Maybe because you’re getting back to basics and roughing it, at least a little. Maybe because, if you’re going to celebrate the nature and the outdoors, why not do so on the way there and the way back, not just at the campsite?

If you’ve never taken your bike on a camping trip, know this: success and comfort are in the details. Three o’clock in the morning is no time to find out you brought the wrong stuff. You can only carry so much onboard and basic equipment, like a reasonably sized tent, can take up most of the space. That’s fine if living rough is part of the attraction, but most of us prefer to focus on the freedom and beauty of the ride and the surrounding scenery at the campsite.

Take it Easy on Yourself

If you believe remaining dry and warm should be a given, not a struggle, a trailer can make camping easier. We usually don’t hawk specific products here, but the Solace motorcycle camper is just too good not to mention. You can check out the specifics here, but suffice it to say, you won’t have to worry about comfort. With its ingenious design, the Solace gets you up off the ground and provides more space than you might think possible for a tow-behind trailer. It’s pretty amazing.

A trailer can make camping by motorcycle easier. Planning ahead and doing some online research can make things easier still. There are tons of resources on the Web where you can learn about motorcycle camping, buy the best equipment and find the perfect spot. Many campgrounds cater specifically to motorcyclists, offering the level of creature comforts you prefer and plenty of beautiful scenery for both relaxing and riding.

The Learning Curve

If you’re a first-timer, you owe it to yourself to spend some quality time learning what to take and where to go. If you have friends who have been there, they are a great source of information. However, for the latest updates on new stuff and great places, you can’t beat the Web. Stay inside on one of the remaining hot days and take it all in, digitally speaking of course.

While there are many sources of information online and you owe it to yourself to do some searching on your own, here are a few sites you should have on your favorites list: This newly-redesigned Web site brings together 12 government agencies to provide information on just about any kind of outdoor activity you can imagine. You can learn how it’s done and make reservations to go do it with just a few clicks. You’ll also find links to individual agency sites such as the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, National Parks Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and more. This magazine is aimed specifically at folks who like to do their touring on two wheels. We found a terrific article on the dos and don’ts of camping in this issue from 2007.

The International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers is a group of people who love camping and motorcycles. From the Web site, it appears to be a rather loosely affiliated group of folks who provide information and assistance. They also set up lots of camping trips. Need we say more? OK, maybe we do. Some of their editorial is a bit dated, but their motorcycle rally schedules and comprehensive lists of campgrounds make up for it. They also have some good tips on camping and riding. provides a guide to motorcycle-oriented campgrounds here. has a really cool way to create your pre-trip camping list. They provide an exhaustive list of stuff, you check the ones that are important to you and, with one click, and your list is ready. The rest of the site is worth checking out as well. For example, they have a motorcycle registry with more than 28,000 entries. You could spend hours there. We did.

These are just a few examples of sites worth visiting. Do yourself a favor and use your favorite search engine to find more. Enter “motorcycle camping” or just “camping” and you’ll have hours of fun ahead of you.

Now…get out there!!


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