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Choosing a Motorcycle Trailer


April 16, 2014 by Rider Newsletter Staff

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A review of the options to tow multiple bikes

There are a variety of reasons you might want to take your motorcycle with you, rather than ride it. Your trip may be too long, or you need to travel through areas of bad weather. The most likely reasons are that you are traveling with non-riders and/or need to take too much stuff along with you. Whatever the reason, if you can’t ride your motorcycle to an event or on a trip, but you’d like to have it with you, you need a trailer.

Once you’ve decided to get a trailer, you have a lot to think about. One basic question is whether you will be hauling more than one bike. If you think this is even a possibility, your best choice is to go for a trailer that can haul more than just one machine. After all, if it will carry more than one, it will also carry one. This is, of course, stating the obvious, but it needs to be said. Choosing a trailer that can hold up to three dirt bikes, such as the Trinity from The USA Trailer Store, will provide the versatility you need without a lot of additional costs or storage problems.

In reviewing various options of multiple bike trailers, one thing that sets Trinity apart is its open design. Some manufacturers feel the need to place a solid wall of metal in front of the bikes to protect them from road debris. At first glance, this may seem like a reasonable idea, but it really doesn’t make sense. First, the bikes are being pulled by a vehicle that creates its own “wall” of protection. In addition, the vehicle channels airflow above and below the bikes. This alone provides much more protection than the bikes would have if they were being ridden, rather than trailered.

Adding a large metal wall offers little (if any) additional protection and adds a considerable amount of weight which reduces fuel economy and may require a larger, more powerful, tow vehicle. And, while manufacturers try to shape the wall to reduce drag, an open trailer is bound to handle the wind better than one with a large vertical wall as its leading edge.

Enclosed trailers are another consideration. On the positive side, they offer a great deal of protection, but is that worth the cost? To begin with, an enclosed trailer will be significantly more expensive to buy and far more difficult to store. Also, you will almost certainly need a truck or an SUV to tow an enclosed trailer because they weigh more and they are not aerodynamic in any sense of the word. You’re basically hauling a large square box on wheels – and a heavy one at that.

The Trinity 3-rail motorcycle trailer’s open design keeps weight to a minimum without sacrificing strength, load capacity or ease-of-use. It also improves fuel economy through superior aerodynamics. This reduces the overall cost of ownership, making it the more affordable choice.

The trailer features a flat, diamond plate floor, three built-in wheel chocks and a ramp. The user simply rides the bike up the ramp and into a chock, which holds it upright for easy tie-off. The trailer is ideal for two cruisers, or three sport/dirt bikes. The Trinity also folds for easy storage.

So, if you need to bring your bike – or bikes – along for the trip, review your options with care and get a trailer that provides the right combination of capacity, ease-of-use, ease-of-storage and lightweight, open design. Your bikes will arrive ready to ride and you’ll save on fuel. For additional information on the Trinity, visit the The USA Trailer Store website.


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